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How it all began

The SelmaMeyerWISS programme strand started in 2006 with 12 mentees. Today, more than 260 female academics and scientists have successfully completed the mentoring programme and remain part of the network.

In order to meet the special requirements in the field of medicine, a programme designed specifically for female doctors and scientists working in the field of medicine was launched in the winter semester 2009/10 as a joint project of the Equal Opportunities Officer and the Faculty of Medicine: SelmaMeyerMED. This initiative is supported by the Medical Director of Düsseldorf University Hospital. The Faculty of Medicine assumed responsibility for the programme in 2012, establishing it as a permanent programme.

The SelmaMeyerWISS-GRAD programme strand for female doctoral researchers working in (DFG-funded) research training groups is also offered in English. The same applies for the SelmaMeyerWISS-GRAD+ strand for female doctoral researchers working in DFG third-party funded projects.

With SelmaMeyerPROF, a mentoring programme was launched in December 2011 that specifically prepares female academics from all faculties for top-level professorial roles.

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