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Embattled careers

The 2018 exhibition held at the University and State Library (ULB) Düsseldorf entitled “Erkämpfte Karrieren” [“Embattled Careers”] not only honoured women’s struggle for education and a career in science or academia, but also presented the first female professors at Heinrich Heine University (formerly the Düsseldorf Academy for Practical Medicine). Starting with our mentoring programme’s namesake, Prof. Dr. Selma Meyer.

Many fascinating and inspiring careers came to light during the research in the archives. Thus, the Equal Opportunities Office decided not to let these careers vanish back into the archives again and instead to print them on mobile roll-ups for use at events. The roll-ups were  complemented with the profiles of female professors currently employed at HHU – to show that the struggle for equality continues to this day.

The roll-ups can be leased for events (all or individually).


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