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Doctoral researchers

All female doctoral researchers and early career postdocs at HHU  are invited to participate in the SelmaMeyerMentoring programme.

Launched in 2006, the SelmaMeyerWISS programme is designed to support female doctoral researchers from all faculties with the aim of increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions both within the university and in industry. Since 2017 SelmaMeyerMentoring has been offering a special, english speaking programme for international female researchers. The SelmaMeyerWISS (Women In Science and Society) programme.

The programme runs for 12 months. During this time, mentees participate in a series of mandatory events that accompany the mentoring process. One-to-one mentoring gives them the opportunity to discuss any questions they may have directly with their mentor. Mentees  learn to network both within the group and during the network meetings. The SelmaMeyerMentoring programme additionally includes a variety of skills workshops, which mentees can take advantage of to develop their key skills. These workshops are recognised by the Heine Research Academies (HeRA).

Mentees receive points for participating in workshops, networking events, meeting with their mentor or peergroups and other events. They must earn a total of twelve points to successfully complete the programme and be awarded the certificate of participation. This helps to ensure a high level of commitment. If mentees only earn six to eleven points, they receive a certificate of attendance for the skills workshops. If they earn 5 or less points, they are excluded from the programme.

What do we expect of our mentees?

  • devotion of sufficient time to take advantage of our many offers
  • commitment and reliability
  • doctoral researcher at HHU
  • active involvement in shaping their mentoring process
  • high degree of motivation
  • openness to reflecting on their career path

What can you expect of us?

  • top-quality skills workshops
  • support in the search for a mentor
  • access to the SelmaMeyerMentoring network
  • openness to your needs
  • competent support for your mentoring process

Mentoring groups comprise a maximum of 15 participants. You are able to register your interest in the programme in our online portal at any time of the year though. We will notify you via email as soon as the application phase begins and you can then apply.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at any time should you have any questions.

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